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Everyone goes to school at some point in their lives. Some students don’t study or have to work hard to get good grades while others aren’t so lucky. When in elementary school, all you had were a couple of words to spell and some reading to do as homework. But as you grow older and move to high school, it gets harder.

You spend enough hours as it is in class, why would they give you a pile of homework with the little time you have to spare at night? To make matters worse, it could be homework you don’t understand. Say for example you are given math analysis assignments. You know math analysis has been taught in class, but the task looks foreign to you. What is math analysis? It is pre-calculus without trigonometry. It is used to perform operations that pertain to mathematical analysis such as differentiation and integration.

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With the amount of homework in various subjects and workload you might have, one of teacher expects you to come up with mathematical analysis solutions within a set deadline and you don’t even know where to start. Where will you get all the time finish the assignments on time? You need some time to rest and relax and live your life.

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